Ways To Block Phone Scammers From Contacting You

Now that the average amount of scam calls coming out are impacting people at an alarming rate with some people even getting multiple calls a day, it makes sense why people are beginning to wonder how to block these calls. Though you might immediately recognize them for what they are and you might not be at risk of handing out your information, the reality is that these calls are a nuisance whether they succeed or not. Given the high volume of these calls, finding a way to stop them from reaching you in the first place is important when it comes to keeping these spam calls out of your phone in general.

As a basic way to handle the high influx of scam calls going out, you can always take the manual step of blocking them on your end. If you receive a scam call from a number, it is always an option to use your phone to block the number from calling again. This is generally carried out in the contact card of the phone number, but it might require you to actually add the number to your phone book to do so. This can be an effective way to stop repeat numbers from calling you.

If you notice a sudden uprise in these calls, it can also be beneficial to reach out to your phone provider. In some instances, phone service providers have recognized this problem and can provide benefits to your account to stop known spammers and scammers from calling you. This can save you some of the effort of having to block them as they come in.

A popular new trend in combatting these scam calls is through the use of third-party apps on your phone. Many companies now create apps that will keep an ongoing and constantly updated registry of known spam and scam call numbers, and the app itself will work with your phone company to block these calls before they ever reach you. In some cases, these apps can even play a recording to the spammer that tricks them into thinking that they are talking with a live person. This is an excellent way to frustrate these scammers and get yourself removed from their call list. Though these services tend to cost money, you can think of them as a sort of anti-virus for your phone. Since their business is blocking these calls, they will constantly update their registry as needed to keep the fraudsters from ever getting to you in the first place. They also keep a list of telemarketers, and can save you from other types of bothersome calls, including those from people you want personally blocked.

It can be a little annoying to think about having to pay money or take proactive steps to stop these criminals from calling you in the first place, but with the growing number of these scams going out, taking the steps to keep them away can save you a lot of time. Since these scammers are getting more creative with how they go about trying to steal your information, it is simply easiest to stop them from even being able to contact you.